Since I was a child I have loved building things. It started with Lincoln logs, and escalated to very elaborate forts throughout the house and yard. It was so important to me that I set my sights on becoming an architect; however, I switched to civil engineering when I realized I would have more opportunity to be a part of the construction process and not just the design.

Even though I am now a dentist, my love of design and building has never waned. (In fact, I am still doing it by building great smiles!)  So, when I decided to come back to the town I love and start my dental practice, I began to dream about what that office would look like. I considered and designed every detail, from the exterior brick and windows, right down to the location of all the outlets… wish I would have added few more of those...  I wanted my office to reflect who I am and exceed the expectations of the patient experience, but it was also important that I preserve the historic nature of downtown Dayton. I wanted my office to have the same charm of the many historical buildings found here.  I’ve been paid high praise when someone asks me if we renovated an old building, and it’s really rewarding to be able to tell them that its actually brand new.

To say that I am excited about the almost finished product would be an understatement. I have looked at the plans and drawings a million times and to now walk the halls and enter the exam rooms is an amazing feeling. I cannot wait to share it with each of you!