The last couple weeks have been really exciting; the excavator and dump truck arrived, and we are moving dirt!  From looking at the property, it's obvious that a structure of some kind once occupied the space.  There are remnants of foundation work and a concrete slab that had long been cracked and broken, so the first thing to do was to remove the slab and get down to dirt.  The site quickly began to look like an archeological dig as we unearthed several interesting items. The first was a Lime Cola bottle.  This bottle was manufactured in Barnesville, GA and dates back to 1914.  We also found what appears to be a car frame, wheel, and various other metal objects. Downtowns are interesting places filled with history, so we decided to do a little more research to try and figure out what all had been on this property in the past.  A quick trip down to the property assessors and we learned that in the 1920’s there was a livery stable located here.  Check out the pictures below to see a livery stable from the 20’s located in Dayton, but its exact location is unknown.  Eventually, the property was bought by Bill Littleton Chevrolet in the late 70’s and then later by Rolane Factory Outlets. It’s difficult to say when the old building was destroyed, and we don't have a picture of what it looked like.  So, if anyone has any additional information about this property, please share!  We are excited to add to the rich history of our town.