It’s been several months since construction started on the office, with more than a year of planning before that, and I'm pumped to see the vision of the structure come to fruition.  I'm extremely grateful to Caleb and Don Yawn of Don Yawn Home Builders for all their hard work ensuring that the office is soundly built, artfully unique, and aesthetically flows with the historic nature of downtown Dayton.  As a former engineer who once fancied being an architect, I’ve had a blast using my knowledge of design and letting the creative juices flow.  

It is not lost on me that going to the dentist can often times be an activity most people are less than enthused about.  With that said, I’ve tried to design a space that is not intimidating, but is inviting.  We’ve tried to accomplish this in several ways.  Aside from the creative architectural details we are implementing, the element we are most excited about is offering our patients private treatment rooms.  We are breaking the paradigm of the open bay treatment philosophy.  Your health care is your business only, not the patient in the treatment room next to you.  

The brick is being laid, and the drywall is going up.  I can’t wait to share some photos of the internal finishings!  This will be a special place.